How to fix the temp on my Wolf oven?
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How do I correct the oven temperature on a Wolf stove?

Model number C34H1-1 according to info we could find on the stove itself. We attempted to contact Sub-Zero/Wolf and were told they didn't make the stove. But I'm telling you this sucker has a Wolf badge on the front of it and we have an owner's manual that says it's a Wolf stove.

Have not been able to find any helpful information online, and the owner's manual is less than useful. The temperature is at least 100 degrees off. This presents a problem when you need to cook something above 400 degrees because you can't correct it that high.

Can anyone help me fix this or refer me to some helpful resources? Or even recommend someone to come fix it? (I'm in NH.)
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It seems that your model is a professional model made by Wolf Range and it shows up on their pro site if you google "wolf range c34h1".
Apparently the Wolf/SubZero brand only applies to residential appliances, FWIW.

I know someone who installed a pro stove in their house and had to install a larger or a second gas line for the stove to function properly. Can't remember which it was, but perhaps this has something to do with your problem. Seems like calling a repairman is the way to go.
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Thanks (sat's husband), the brand is about the most confusing thing I've seen: some of it belongs to Sub-Zero/ Wolf, some to ADCO and some to Wolf Range Company. And the url seems to be a dealer.
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On further consideration: Your manual should say what the gas line requirements are. You may be able to take a squint behind your stove and check it out.

It also occurs to me that the shutoff valve from the gas line to your stove may not be opened fully, or that the flexible line may be kinked in some way. If these seem fine, there's a good chance that the thermostat is borked. Also that page my search turned up is about a recall of a pilot light safety valve or some such thing: it seems like a good idea to contact a reapair company that works for the restaurant sector.
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Um. Right. Here's the page.
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...and on it is this number for the Wolf Range Service Dept:
1-800-366-9653 extension 330.
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I would pull off the knob and see if there is a calibration screw, set ring type thing, sometimes it looks like the nut on a clock face.You also need an accurate thermometer, to DIY.
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Yeah, the knob was my first thought. It doesn't come off (least, not like an electric).
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