How to (permanently?) delete a group chat on twitter?
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Me and a group of friends want to migrate our group chat from Twitter to a more secure service. Yes we know nothing is private on the internet.

Having said that we'd like to be a bit more discreet than the teenager next door can find us. How do we most efficiently remove our past ramblings on Twitter private messaging from the casual observer?

The UI doesn't have an obvious delete conversation message. Your patience, help and understanding is welcome.
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Their Direct Message Help Page has instructions for deleting conversations on iOS, Android, and Web.
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From what I can tell, the best you can do is "leave" a conversation/group chat, which effectively deletes that chat for yourself. Anyone in that group chat will still have access to those messages (including the ones you sent) unless they also leave. It's unclear whether everyone leaving a chat will cause the chat to be actually deleted from Twitter's servers, but it seems like there'd at least be no user-facing way to rejoin it, that I can tell.
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You can leave it but they hold on to it for ages. Best option would be to nuke your entire account which should hopefully completely wipe anything pertaining to it, or at least make it irretrievable to the lay person.
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