More yin yoga videos, please
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I've recently started doing 20-30 minutes of yin yoga in the mornings, and I really enjoy it -- the meditative aspect combined with gentle movement is calming and energizing for me.

I particularly enjoy Norman Blair's videos, but I've watched all the ones I have access to and don't want to keep repeating the same videos.

Any recommendations for other great yin yoga instructors and video series to keep me going? Slight preference for male instructors and 20-30min length. I'm only interested in yin yoga at this point (or other similarly slow practices) -- not other kinds of yoga. Free is great but I also want to support the creators so paid is fine as well.
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I love yin yoga and will be watching this thread. I've been using the Down Dog app, which has a yin yoga setting. I really like that I can choose the length and many other options. Their apps are all free right now, but normally have a subscription cost. The person on screen is a woman but you can change the voice to be a man.
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I can't recommend Inner Dimension TV and specifically Travis Eliot enough. He has a "Sleep Well" yin series, which is about 8–10 30 min practices. He also has a longer series called "Flexibility and Beyond," which are hour-long yin practices. He wrote a book called "Journey into Yin Yoga." On top of all of that, there are various yin practices throughout the Inner Dimension site, both 30 and 60 min. Travis Eliot will yin you up. It's not free but it's not too expensive either, and they run a lot of promotions.
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Although they are with a female instructor, the Yoga with Kassandra channel has a lots of yin yoga videos. I don’t do yin so I can’t say anything about them, but she’s been my choice for stretch and strengthening yoga since I had to stop going to the studio last spring. Maybe worth checking out.
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I've been doing a fair bit of yin lately and it's all been Yoga with Kassandra (linked above) because they were easy to find on youtube. And I do like them.

However, that Inner Dimension TV site looks legit awesome and they have a 10 day free trial. Hmm.
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I really like Timberlake Yoga. There are lots of videos, all free, of varying lengths and focus (full body, upper body, bedtime, minimal cutes, etc). The instructor (female) is calm and doesn't talk a lot. Here is her YouTube page.

She has recently started to collaborate with Yin Yoga with Matt (YouTube link). I haven't tried any of his sessions yet.
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I am a yin enthusiast as well. Also a fan of several YouTubers mentioned previously....

Travis Eliot (my #1 favorite male instructor)

I also like Yin Yoga with Trishy (generally longer, but she has some shorter practices). Another favorite is Yoga Ranger (varying lengths). Both are female instructors tho.
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