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Does anyone know where I can find a copy of the documentary UNREASONABLE DOUBT: The Joe Amrine Case?

There used to be a website, unreasonabledoubt.com, but it's gone now. A torrent would be excellent, but I'd buy the DVD if I could find it somethere. Thanks.
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It doesn't appear to be exactly the same documentary but perhaps this is close enough.

Asking for a torrent is really going to turn a lot of people off from wanting to help, if not fuel their desire to flag the question as inappropriate. I know that the DVD you seek may not be in print, but on the other hand there are many fine torrent search engines out there that you can use to find warez yourself if that is your inclination, so asking someone to do this for you on a site like this is probably not the best way to word your question.
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Response by poster: OK, thanks, I appreciate the advice. I don't know that much about torrents, so I didn't realize that if a torrent exists, I should be able to find it myself.
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