Movies like Shakespeare Behind Bars
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What are some documentaries about prisoners involved in artistic programs—like Shakespeare Behind Bars—that are available for streaming?

I’m writing a story about films you might like if you liked Changin’ Times with Ike White. The one film I could find, Jail Guitar Doors, seems to have disappeared from the internet. Any suggestions?
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Best answer: Frontline's Colleges Behind Bars is an excellent documentary series and is available for streaming; the program is not all arts-based per se but they do study some literature, I believe.
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Best answer: How about meditation? Doing Time, Doing Vipassana is about teaching meditation to prisoners and guards in India. I watched the whole thing on YouTube, but that was a while ago.
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If radio counts, this This American Life episode may be up your alley: Act V.
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Best answer: "The Choir"
not recent though.
According to this website it can be streamed on DocPlay.
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