Looking for cheap motel listings on the internet.
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Is there a good/great internet resource for small mom & pop motels?

Our band is booked for two major outdoor festivals in June (in the same week) and we are coming up snake-eyes on finding rooms nearby. I'm trying to avoid having to use Expedia or other hotel search engines since they seem to only list the major chains. If anyone knows of such a site, please let me know. Thanks in advance.
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Where, specifically? There are a lot of smaller, local sites for stuff like this, especially if you'd consider things like B&Bs or vacation rentals.
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Thanks Jacquilynne. Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. I know - its a long shot but AskMe may help. Anything within a 10 mile radius (except the Eau Claire area).
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I did a google search for "bed and breakfast" wisconsin and came up with some good possibilities:

Travel Wisconsin

Wisconsin Bed & Breakfast Association

Lots more on google but I'm not familiar enough with the state to weed 'em out.
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Thanks for your detective work Vetiver! We did manage to find something 10 miles from the festival site so I guess it's a moot point now. I appreciate it nonetheless.
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