Looking for a really neat or beautiful bird feeder
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I’d like to get my parents a <$50 bird feeder that is beautiful, unusual, and/or really neat!

They live in Wyoming, if that matters.
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I love Lee Valley for excellent quality things like this. I took a look and they do have a US store (I am guessing you and your parents are both in the US and thus working in USD for your budget.)

This birdfeeder is $41.00 and I think looks quite nice.

This hand blown glass hummingbird feeder is very pretty and only $22.50.

This hummingbird feeder is similar but bigger, and is $52.50.

This suet bird feeder is unusual looking but I like it. It's only $4.90.
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Etsy has some nice things, including this one and this one. Good luck!
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I think this one is gorgeous. Its about your price range at $76 but that's CAD. So $60ish US, and they have free shipping.
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I don't have links, but they have ones that have a camera at bird-face-level so you can see the birds faces when they take eating breaks, probably with an app. Not sure how well it works or how dirty the camera gets it whether your parents would want the tech aspect, but I think I saw they were under $50.
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I got this one in red for my parents a couple of years ago. It is pretty, unusual, a magnet for hummingbirds and costs $40.
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Just got my parents a bird feeder that is translucent and suctions to a window so that you can easily see the birds up close. There are several good options on Etsy, not more than about ~$23.
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