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MusicFilter: I was overjoyed recently to discover Like Sugar by Chaka Khan, Watch Your Step by Disclosure and Remember Me by the Blue Boy. Can you help me with keywords or song recommendations to fill out my playlist?
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This might not that good a match since I can't listen to your examples at the moment but going off the post title, maybe have a listen to this dj set? I've been obsessed with it for the better part of the year since I found it.
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jev3nal! that boilerroom set is my all-time favourite, I often play it while working.

pH - you may also like Ben Klock Boiler Room Berlin 2013, it's also got some of the best crowd feels of any of the shows I've viewed, also just b4 smartphones became ubiquitous. There's also a full tracklist mixed in the set.

The lady in white blouse to Ben's right is Nina Kravitz (somewhat wistful biopic). Who does pretty good Russian oomph oomph and almost-noise but that's a bit off-topic.
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You might like WEFUNK Radio, which has been doing a weekly funk/soul/hiphop show since 1996. They're out of Montreal. They have *many* archived shows online and 'seamless streaming radio'.

They were part of my experiment to ditch for-pay streaming services in favour of online radio this year. I have not been disappointed.
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If funk is what you seek, look no further than FullMoon Funkalicious, on CJSW 90.9 FM (Calgary campus radio) and of course readily available online. Lots of funky mixes and beats, always surprising; DJ Moonlips is now the source of a decent chunk of my music collection.

If you like that, the Road Pops is also worth a listen.
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Best answer: Check out Vulfpeck, eg Lost my Treble Long ago (warning: this video contains explicit bass) They will always be the indie darlings of the ongoing funk revival in my book.

Also The Bamboos, eg In the Bamboo Groove.

Tuxedo is all-in on the funk, maybe start with Second Time Around

This prior thread about 'greasy' music ended up with a lot of funky stuff you may like, though the OP was also after bluesy stuff too.

Finally, the key bass riff in Like Sugar is amazing, but it's also sampled from a much older song. So I've been meaning to look that band up and check them out.

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Response by poster: Yes! SaltySalticid, it's Bus Stop by the Fatback Band.
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You might enjoy the Craig Charles Funk and Soul Show on BBC 6Music - individual shows come with full playlists and they range from classic soul to modern funk/soul revivalists like The Allergies and Smoove and Turrell, and he's really great at surfacing modern mixes/edits of classic tracks too.
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Mister Scruff.
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Best answer: DJ Snake ft. Aluna George "you know you like it"
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