What is a good place along the Jersey Shore to explore in winter?
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If I wanted to explore the Jersey Shore in the winter — specifically to take photos of desolate beach / carnival type / boardwalk scenery — where should I go?

I live in Manhattan and dabble in photography. I have a car to drive down. I love deserted circus and carnival grounds, fun parks, etc. I have never been to the Shore but have seen a lot of footage that seems like it could beintereresting for photography.

I would love specifics of not only towns but more specific stretches to walk and explore. Thank you.
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Morey's Pier in Wildwood seems like a prime spot for you to consider, though maybe far south.
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^ That place looks great! I should add, probably no more than an hour and a half outside town preferably, if possible...
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You could try Keansburg Amusement Park. I went there a few years ago in the summer and it kinda looked abandoned while it was open! I think it was still rebuilding from Sandy, but probably looks cool now in the winter in any case.
I’m not sure of any specific spots, but I think it’s a pretty small place.
Pretty close to you by car too (there’s also a nearby ferry option if that interests you).
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If you go as far as Wildwood consider partially the slower route through the pine barrens, not beach but visually amazing. Close to Morey's is "adventure pier" which is intentionally styled destitute. And if you get that far swing by Lucy.
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Maybe Asbury Park, or Seaside Heights? The whole NJ shore is going to seem kind of desolate in winter so really any shore town with a boardwalk would probably work. I would have said definitely try Atlantic City, but it is further than you want from NYC.
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I would go to Fort Hancock in Sandy Hook (it has vibe a bit like Governor's Island) and Asbury Park. They're both close to the city and very photogenic. Asbury Park also has the benefit of being a good stop for lunch & a cocktail (check dates/times in winter, a lot of places are closed or only open a few days a week).
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Another vote for Asbury Park - you’ve got Convention Hall on one side of the boardwalk, the abandoned carousel on the other, and Madame
Marie’s in-between. Plus the replica of Tillie on the side of the Wonder
Bar. (Sorry no links I’m on my phone.). And a couple of exits down the parkway is Point Pleasant if you want more of a traditional boardwalk feel.
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