Recommend Me a Book About the Progressive Era
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What are some good books about the Progressive Era in American politics, and the post-WWI activities of Progressive Era leaders?

I'm reading Nancy Unger's 2000 biography of Senator Bob La Follette, "The Righteous Reformer," and was surprised that some googling indicates it might be the only book written on La Follette in the last 45 years. My initial question was just going to be, "What are some non-fiction books where Bob La Follette is covered in some detail?," but I realized I'm interested in the whole era more broadly, including:

-- Yes, Bob La Follette
-- consideration of the contributions of non-white and non-male reformers and advocates to the movement
-- critical perspectives, particularly as regards the racial dynamics in the movement
-- some of the major victories at the local, state, and Federal level

For the purposes of this question, I'm primarily interested in the years up to WWI, and not at all interested in any current Democratic party figures who identify as "progressive."
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Best answer: Triangle: The Fire That Changed America centers on the fire, and includes several chapters of forensic investigation, but the main point is the political and social effects. On the way, he explains the historical, political, and economic context, including discussions of the relationships among and between the various immigrant groups, coordination between working-class and socially elite reformers, and the interplay between New York City, New York State, and national politics.
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Best answer: The Condemnation of Blackness focuses heavily, maybe primarily, on the Progressive Era.
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Best answer: Standing at Armageddon: A Grassroots History of the Progressive Era by Nell Irvin Painter. It's an engaging read - she's a great writer.
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