Cheap VR goggles to watch movies with iPhone/MacBook?
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Can anyone recommend cheap (under $100) goggles or headset to watch 2D movies? I have Google Cardboard; I use an iPhone 10 XR (but could dig up my iPhone 7 for this); I have a ton of movies on a Plex server.

I could plug goggles into my MacBook, or slip my iPhone into a Cardboard-style headset -- I'm not picky, and I don't play games.

My budget is under $100: this really is just for a lark. :7)
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Best answer: To the best of my knowledge, there really isn't anything more advanced than Google Cardboard at that price-point, sorry! You might be able to pick up something like an old Oculus DK1 or OSVR headset for <$100 on ebay or craigslist, but the resolution is going to be too low to be a pleasant experience, and there probably won't be drivers for your MacBook. Your options these days for a Mac are basically nonexistent. Your best bet might be something like the self-contained Oculus Quest / Quest 2, but that's going to cost many times your budget, and probably not be the quality of viewing experience you're after.
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RiftCat should work to use the Plex VR stuff, assuming your Plex server is decently powerful and you have some sort of comfortable viewer/strap that works with your phone.
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There may be used oculus Quest 1s around $150 - I sold mine for $120 to a friend. 10X better than using your phone, no PC needed.
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Do you mean those "3D" Blu-ray movies? Those require LED shutter glasses and high-refresh TV, not VR goggles...
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Response by poster: Damn.
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