Winter outdoor eating accessories
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My parents have been eating on their covered front porch since the beginning of the pandemic. It doesn’t snow much in North Alabama, but it does get cold. They’re installing heaters, but what else could I get them as a gift to improve the experience?
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Nice fleece, down, or wool throws. Fleece or down vests. Hats. Fingerless gloves. Great socks. Hot water bottles. Thermal/ commuter mugs or bowls. Hand warmers
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If there are outlets, a heated throw blanket would be delightful.
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Ororo makes excellent washable, heated outerwear that uses a rechargeable battery. My wife loves their heated vest for riding outdoors in the winter.
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heated seat pads.
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As someone who sits outside often here in Duluth MN, even all winter, I'd say heated seat pads are the best idea.
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Can confirm that a warm ass makes all the difference. We sit on an electric blanket on our patio, and then cover up with our choice of blankets, snuggies, fleece panchos, hats, and gloves with the fingertips custom cut to expose just enough finger pad to operate devices and (more critical) do all the motions of eating and drinking without dropping things. (I really like most of my fingers exposed and so cut mine very low, but I'm also awaiting a shipment of knit arm warmers that just have a knuckle-length cuff to see if I like that better.)

I like to augment with hot water bottles down under most of my layers against my core, and particularly like this one where the cover has a pouch to put your hands in. I plan to make some more of these myself with better fabric as that one is a little bit weird and linty.

There are a couple different kinds of low-wattage foot heaters, I like the large one for dog kennels as they can generally be shared between two people, but there's also panel-style heaters that lay flat or stand up.
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Response by poster: I ended up getting them heated seat pads! The ones I found that were in stock and had good reviews are designed to be used in cars, so I also got a converter so they can be plugged into a normal outlet.

Thanks everyone!
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