Help ID this Heavy Metal Song and Artist.
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Name this modern Heavy Metal band or Song

Ok, I apologize for not having a lot to go on here. The band is moderately heavy, but not quite Death Metal. The singer sounds remarkably like Mike Patton at times. Smooth singing at some points, spine chilling screaming at others. The single is recent, within the last 6 months, and has been in light rotation on my local rock station, and on Sirius Hard Attack. However, none of them have it listed on their playlists. The only clue I can give you to the song is that it sounds like they are saying "Strangest Candyyyyyyyyy" during the chorus. It's not Mushroomhead, but the music is as heavy. It's also not Avenged Sevenfold, but it is in the same family as these artists.
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I don't have an answer yet, but is it possible that those lyrics are "strange as can be"? (Also, have you called the station and asked someone there?)
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Best answer: I have no idea what this sounds like because I don't know the band at all, but a possible interpretation of that lyric yielded this
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Yeah, there's a video of it here. I think I got it.
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Yeah, Dillinger Escape Plan came to mind for me too. They actually did an EP with Mike Patton at one point, and their new singer does a good job imitating Patton's vocals live.

Also, not to be a pedant but if DEP is the band you're thinking of you should listen to the album "Calculating Infinity", if you do you'll find that the only thing DEP have in common with Mushroomhead and ASX is distorted electric guitars. Those guys write crappy pseudo-metal songs for the MTV2 crowd...DEP write hallicinagenic nightmares.
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Best answer: Dillinger Escape Plan - Setting Fire to Sleeping Giants. It's on Miss Machine.
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Response by poster: You guys got it - thanks! I was aware of DEP, but I remember them being much more caustic than this. I guess they are mellowing out in their old age.
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