Selling gold online?
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Can you recommend a place that I can send and sell a piece of gold jewelry? This is an old necklace my mother gave me. It is quite hideous and I am sure it is ideal only for scrap, rather than to sell 'as is'. I am looking for convenient and easy.
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Midwest Refineries fits the bill
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If there is a reputable coin shop somewhere nearby, they can probably take care of it for you. Call and ask, see what they say. I'd expect them to offer melt value minus 10%, though it's been a while since I've checked on things.

So a rough calculation of value is gold weight minus ten percent. If it's vintage, never underestimate the number of people who might want it as is, if that's worth looking into for you.
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I used Garfield Refining in Philadelphia. My dentist gave me a mailer when I had a gold crown removed. Check with your dentist, or you can request a mailer from their website.
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