Where can I find organic/sustainable women's pajamas?
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I have decided to treat myself to some nice PJs for my staycation time over the holidays. Not having a lot of luck finding what I want thus far.

  • Comes in women's size L or 10-12
  • Sustainable/organic fabric & manufacturing
  • 2 piece set with long pants. Top can be long or short sleeved
  • Pullover top, but button up isn't a deal breaker
  • Loose fit (but jogger style pants cuffs might be ok
  • Linen or linen blend, but must be machine washable/dryable
  • Fun print
Budget can go up around $100, because this is a "treat myself" kind of thing. I'm in the US.
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If you're open to buying secondhand (via poshmark/mercari/ebay) as an alternative way to be more sustainable without specifically a sustainable manufacturing process, that may open up your options.
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Some brands that my local organic shop (Nest) carries are: Prana, Toad & Co, Synergy Organic, Herbivore and Satva. Their criteria are organic and sustainable fabrics. It’s been a minute since I’ve purchased PJs, and it was not the bulk of their inventory pre-C19, it’s their ethics and research that inspired confidence. Some bamboo fabrics are amazingly plush, so it’s not just cotton.
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Garnet Hill has organic cotton sleepware - don't think I've ever seen linen there though.
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My friend was on a similar search earlier this year and was looking at Made Trade. They're on the pricy side but otherwise tick your boxes, including fun prints.
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Eileen Fisher makes pajamas now which might meet some of your requirements, but I don't feel optimistic about the price point.
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Under $100: Coyuchi organic cotton pajamas are mix 'n match to create the two-piece set, same with Boody bamboo pjs.
Over $100, so you might want to get on a mailing list for sales, or monitor the closeout page: Rawganique's ethical & sustainable organic cotton, linen, & hemp chemical-free sleepwear; "made in-house for true sweatshop-free purity since 1997."

In particular, for $129, the RODIN Elastic-Free 100% Organic Irish Linen Knit Top & Bottom Set at Rawganique meets many of your requirements and preferences; note the care instructions: Treat as delicate knits. Machine wash in a mesh laundry bag using a mild biodegradable detergent. Lay flat to dry. Avoid bleach and dryers.
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This is another source where you'd need either a budget up around the $125 range or some quality time browsing second-hand suppliers, but it sounds like you'd appreciate Gudrun Sjöden. I'm not finding official pajamas on the site, but they're all about drapey clothes in sustainable fibers with vibrant prints. I'd sleep in pants like these.
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I am newly in love with BedHead pajamas, but the women's sets are generally $120. Most of the patterns come in a stretch jersey (organic cotton), which is the softest fabric I own. There are also some woven cotton ones, though they are almost all pretty plain.

My sister got me a set as a gift and I loved them so much I bought another set myself. Since I am working from home, sometimes I just wear them all day, and it's glorious.

Bonus: can get matching pet pajamas if you have a dog who approves. My cats were not impressed with my attempts to dress them, so I would recommend against that. (Side note: if anyone in the SF Bay Area with a small dog wants some super adorable dog pj's, memail me.)
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I highly recommend checking out EarthHero. It is a sustainable, eco-friendly marketplace that has apparel (including pjs and loungewear), kitchen tools, pet supplies, baby and kid items, and technology (got some headphones that I love from there). They regularly have site-wide sales too. I believe right now, they have a 15% off sale.
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Thanks all -- quite a few options that I wasn't able to find googling.

(And bonus points for dog jammies. :))
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