Will non-Samsung Blu Ray players work with my Samsung TV?
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Usually I buy Samsung a/v stuff. I inherited a 10-year-old Samsung TV (model UN40C6300), which works fine with my old DVD/VHS machine. I want to get a Blu Ray player for it, but I see Samsung has stopped making BR players for the U.S. market, and I prefer to buy new. Can I reasonably expect any new Blu Ray player (1080p, I guess — no 4K on the horizon) to work with it? Any compatibility issues I should know about?

* I have a Samsung sound bar/subwoofer setup currently plugged into the TV, PS-WF450.

* I will likely be getting a new Roku stick, so I’m fairly indifferent to apps on the player.

* (About the TV, but not peripheral related:) I think someone may have cleaned the screen at some time with something not a screen cleaner microfiber cloth. I plan to take a screen cleaner + distilled water to it, as there are visible-at-an-angle swipe marks on it. They don’t seem to affect the picture, but I assume it couldn’t hurt to try to fix.

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Best answer: Any player should work with any TV via HDMI -- that's the point of standards like HDMI.
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It will work fine. It has HDMI port and that's all you need.
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Yes any regular bluray player will work cross brand.

4k is a little more complicated with various hdr supporting stuff, but unfortunately looking dead in the player market.
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Best answer: As everyone said, basically any player will work. For your case a cheaper one will be fine --- you don't care about upscaling, HDR, streaming, any of that with that TV and since you're already using Roku for apps/etc (which is probably the right choice, the Bluray player app stuff is generally worse). Looks like you can get a new (non-refurbished) one for around $70 on Amazon.
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