Looking for a virtual gift card that can be signed by multiple parties
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A coworker is having a baby, and I'd like to get him a gift (essentially a sum of money virtually delivered or in some kind of e-gift card), with a "card" that can also be personalized/signed by all of his coworkers. Can you recommend a good service that allows this function? I spent some time googling this and it gave me a headache that I could not resolve.
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My coworkers have been using GroupGreeting to send e-card messages signed by everyone on the team. I think you'd have to send the monetary gift separately, but this is a super easy way to get everyone's personalized message in one place.
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Padlet or KudoBoard lets you sign a group card virtually. The gift card would have to be delivered separately, I think, unless you could add a PDF of it to the platform?
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We had a coworker go out on paternity leave, and we all emailed one person pictures of our notes, and they printed them all on one sheet placed inside the card, and sent that with a gift card inside.
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My friends and I have been making group "cards" with Aggie.io -- it's basically a simple collaborative drawing program which multiple people can use at once.
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I learned about Kudoboard through MetaFilter and I can say it worked very well for two colleagues who departed this week. It was very easy and straightforward to sign, despite us all working remotely, and the recipients received their board via email at a time selected by the person who coordinated it.

We chose to have a separate gift presentation via Zoom, so it does not solve your issue of virtual gift delivery.
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We use Kudoboard at work as well
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If the gift card is an electronic code or codes, you can include the code(s) in the "card"'s messages. You'd want to get everyone else's signature/message first, to eliminate the opportunity for someone on the team to use it before the recipient (I know, everyone's trustworthy, but reducing opportunity for bad behavior is more failsafe), and then you add or update your contribution so it includes the code number of the gift card. (If your plan is to edit your message make sure that's a thing you can do.)

This would be particularly good for some card that can be spent online or via an app (e.g. a restaurant app that lets you carry a balance). That way there's no hassle when the recipient tries to spend it without having a piece of plastic in hand.
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