Can you help me knit these mitts?
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I am a proficient knitter but I am having trouble with this pattern for fingerless gloves. I have more details inside.

So I am trying to knit these Pioneer Gloves as a Christmas present and I am running into trouble on the thumb increases. When I follow the written pattern my results do not match the chart. It looks as though the M1R added stitch is supposed to bump the rib pattern over so it becomes staggered. When I add this stitch however it just increases the number of knit stitches between the beginning marker and the thumb marker and does not interrupt the ribbing. I need help wrapping my brain around how this pattern works.
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The link doesn't work for me. These Pioneer Gloves by Kelly McClure or these Pioneer Lace Fingerless Mitts by Christy Hills?
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Response by poster: I’m sorry about the link. I tried to link to the pdf. This is the correct link.
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I don't think the rib pattern is supposed to become staggered like it looks on the chart - rather the knit ridge of the rib where the thumb grows out of just gets wider until it splits into two ribs. You can see this in the pictures.

I don't much like the way that chart is written. I think you're doing fine, although maybe your stitch marker is on the wrong side of the increase (having trouble visualising).
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it sounds like you're knitting it just right. you don't want the ribbing interrupted/staggered. perhaps browse the comments in case someone else has your issue.
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You're doing it right. You can see in the pictures that the ribs is continuous, not broken. The chart should have voids to allow the stitches that stitched into each other to align vertically, like this one.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone. I will keep on doing what I was doing!
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