What is the VERY BEST book of Christmas sheet music for piano?
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Hi, I'm an intermediate piano player* who would like to learn to play Christmas music on the piano. I'm looking for fairly straightforward, but beautiful, versions of the classics, and would like to buy a single book rather than finding versions of each song individually. I'd particularly like to learn "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas". What book would you recommend?

I'm not looking for something like the Christmas Real Book that just has chords.

It does not have to be a physical book; digital formats are fine.

I would ideally like to be able to get it this year in the US, so would prefer something that is not sold out or difficult to find.

*No idea how to technically describe my skill level, but I can describe it in terms of Beethoven: I learned to play the first movement of the Moonlight Sonata over the summer and found it mildly challenging. I can sightread Fur Elise easily.
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The Reader's Digest Christmas Songbook has a very nice version of "Have yourself a merry little Christmas" as well as basically any other Christmas song you can think of from the past 100 years (this book is probably over 200 pages of music).

Apart from that, The Charlie Brown Christmas is my personal favourite.
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A Musical Christmas with Peter Duchin is an old favorite -- the arrangements are unusual and so so pretty. Much of it is too hard for me but it sounds like it wouldn't be for you.
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Was coming in to make the exact same recommendations as winterportage. Those two are the mainstays in our house during the holiday season, and I agree that the RD book's version of "Have Yourself..." is a great one.
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