Budget but Good Headset for Gaming
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My 14-year-old nephew would like a wired headset for Christmas, mostly for Xbox. Specs within

Requirements in order of importance

-will be delivered here by xmas (or can get from a store)
-Preferably $100 or less
-Noise cancelling
-foldable/comes with carrying case
-looks dope (he likes red and blue, but doesn't care if its a "girly" color like purple. Does not like commercial "cool boy" things like flames or dragons or other 'edgy' stuff)

Scrolling through best buy and tiger direct has left me with sooo many options. Hope me!
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I have been really happy with the Anker Soundcore Life Q20 headphones that I purchased after another Mefite had suggested them. They are available in blue. I use them with my PS4 by plugging directly into the controller.
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My 15 year old suggests the HyperX Cloud II based on its reputation. He says another good choice would be the Razer BlackShark V2 X. He has a similar but slightly different Razer BlackShark and he says it's very comfortable but he has been having some problems with the mike. Both of these are under $100 but neither looks especially cool to me. Not sure how well they meet all your other criteria.
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The Wirecutter's Best Gaming Headsets might be helpful.
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