Deepfake myself
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I'd like to deepfake my head onto a video of another person singing. Right now, what is the best free software for making this happen?

I'd like to alter a short (< 15 seconds) video to send to friends since we're completely isolated and everyone needs a good laugh. Have you used a deepfake program you would recommend that produces realistic output? I am willing to brush off the tiny bit of Python I know if it will be needed in the process. Too many things come up by Googling in the blind, so I would like to hear about something you've used and how easy it might be to get this thing done. Thanks!
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While I haven’t used it myself, or dived into the privacy policy, I’ve seen several friends post videos using the Reface app. Here’s a TechCrunch rundown.
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I can second reface- I think it only works with gifs, so you’ll need to convert the video first, but in terms of the actual deepfaking- it’s actually quite good.
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Best answer: Use the app. It is exactly this thing.
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