Advice for Compacting Items in Photograph?
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I have a number of bins that take up a lot of surface area on my 'bathroom' dresser. Photo.

I think I am looking for something that would let me stack them vertically as drawers, although I'm open to other ideas. They are supplies related to two injectables and a glucose meter, and also glasses wipes. I think the bins are 7"x7". The main goal is to have them be convenient but not be as spread out, and the main problem is a temporary lack of spatial/storage imagination.

Linking to products that could accomplish the above would be appreciated..
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Best answer: Could you just get a small set of drawers like these? Finding something that accommodates that exact set of bins might be hard, unless you built it yourself or customized some stacking letter trays.
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Response by poster: Yeah, you got the theme of it. I wasn't looking necessarily for something that would outright take those, just advice for stackable drawers. My brain seems to have been misfiring on this problem.
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Best answer: Floating shelves


Wall Cabinet
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Best answer: I have a couple of sets of these drawers, which are available in a stack of 1 to 10 drawers. Nice to look at and solid quality.
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Best answer: Something that was a revelation for me was realizing I don't actually need to keep all 100 of the thing from the package on display at all time. I can stow everything in a drawer and decant enough for a week at easy reach.

Another perk of this method: I'm a person who needs drugs every day, and sometimes I can't remember if I've taken them yet. I can't tell at a glance the difference between 50 and 49 if I'm trying to guess from what's left out. But I can tell between 6 and 5.

Even if you do switch to a vertical method you can still reduce the overall footprint by simplifying what you have out.
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Response by poster: I'm going to go ahead and mark this resolved -- and I thank you. Phunniemee gave a particularly inspired rethinking of the issue (thank you), and you others started me off by sending me along the lines of desktop organizers, which for some reason was a solution my brain was just not originally processing.
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I keep stuff like that in canning jars, and it seems prettier, mostly. Larger quantities in dome sort of storage, usually those small 3-stacked wheeled wire baskets.
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Like this, but I have found them cheaper
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To free up the dresser surface entirely, there are clear wall-mount organizers; putting up a space-saver pegboard with acrylic organizers is an option, too. (I have a narrow shoe organizer hanging from removable hooks to corral small items, but it lives on the inside of a closet door.)
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