Fast/easy way for 50 to 200 people to co-create a list of topics online?
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I want to give a group of 50 to 200 people a way to collaboratively create a list of discussion topics online, in real time. With smaller groups (up to 75 or so) we have used a shared google doc with a table in it, and it works great! But I gather google docs don’t work with over 100 people editing. I welcome ideas, suggestion!

Here's what I love about google doc solution I’ve been using:

- Pretty much zero learning curve. People already know how to do this.

- Happens tremendously fast: Everyone works in parallel. They can fill up a list of 40 topics in a couple of minutes.

- It’s exciting to see all the work happening at once. Also it’s easy for people to edit an idea, add a comment etc, at any point.

Here are some ideas I've had so far:

1) Use a google doc, but only allow 75 people at a time to edit it, then publish it when it is done. Or use two (or more) google docs, and have people work on them in parallel, and then publish.

2) Set up a form (using google forms or something else) to let people submit their topic, and add them to a google sheet or other output that I can publish when it is done.

2a) As with above, collect data and then publish. But collect the data using mentimeter (so people can see some real-time results as they come in)

3) Use Miro or Mural.

4) Some other amazing thing? Some other tool that is great for this? Stormz?

in case helpful: This is a long description of the event I am trying to do.

I welcome any ideas/suggestions!!
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I learned about here and I think it will work well and be fun! People can sign or tag ideas too. You can/should make your own space (just type to create it), but it will be public and freely accessible/editable if not easily discoverable, so you'll not want to use it as a lasting record, though I think you can maybe export a world.
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Are people just appending to the list, or editing each other’s suggestions? If they’re just adding to the bottom, you could share a read-only Google Sheet and create a simple Form that adds to the bottom. This will reduce the chance of editors clobbering one another’s input.
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People in the field I work in often use mentimeter. It has word cloud, question, and poll features that people can fill out.

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