How to get latest video featuring Dr Hotez, Dr. Fauci
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How do I get the latest video(s) by (insert name here)? Videos/podcasts that are two months old are out of date, everything moving so fast; I want the latest/greatest. I have tried duckduckgo, youtube, google -- useless. Or at least useless to me without you telling me the magic search to punch up. Extra credit: Ordered by date, then length.
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Best answer: Searching for videos using Google: On the Google Search page make sure you have the 'Video' tab selected (right under the search box). Then look to the right of that and you'll see the word 'Tools'. Click that and it reveals several pull-down menus, one of which says 'Any time'. Click that and you'll be able to restrict your search for videos within any span of time. One of the other pull-down menus allows you to select for video duration (but the results page won't be ordered by duration). Another way to see all these options in one place is to use the Advanced Video Search page.

Searching for Dr Hotez using this method and restricting it to just the past 24 hours, I see this interview he did with Nicole Wallace on MSNBC earlier today.
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Best answer: Sorry, I should have also pointed out that the 'Video' tab and those pull-down menus under 'Tools' might not appear on the main Google Search page, and that you might only see them on the results page! So basically you type in your search terms, hit the Search button, and then on the results page you see those filtering options. Probably best to just use the Advanced Search page I linked to above.
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Response by poster: I do not have a "Video" tab show up on my google search page, I thought maybe it was because I was in a private window but I opened just a regular window (Firefox on Linux Mint) and it didn't show up there either. No matter, getting down to the Advanced Video Search page takes me exactly where I want to go. I am so used to just punching up a search and finding what I'm looking for on first page of results that I've not had to open my eyes. So thank you for opening my eyes, theory.

Ha! Just as I was going to enter the above your second answer showed up. Again, thank you.

As always, MetaFilter people come through, and come through fast.

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