Different way to fold crescent rolls?
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My family has long made butterhorns - they look very much like the crescent rolls from the poppin' fresh can. But they are assuredly NOT crescent rolls! Is there a way to roll or fold them that will distinguish them from crescent rolls?

The dough is fairly fragile, so the crescent shape is pretty easy to achieve but it would be hard to do something very much more involved than that. Surely there is another way to fold/roll up 1/8th pizza slice shaped dough?

I've tried slicing them with a fluted pie-crust rolling cutter, and that helps, but not a lot.
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When I was a kid, we always made butterhorns that were shaped more like cinnamon rolls. The name butterhorn never made any sense to me because of that -- they didn't look like horns, they looked like rolls! My friend's mom made them like horns, and that made sense. But anyway, as illogical as it is, rolling all the dough into a log and then slicing for circles does work.
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Pillsbury has some suggestions for different shaping ideas for crescent roll dough - maybe one of them would work for you. I think #5 on the list, rosettes, would probably work particularly well.
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Could you cut them a bit differently and make fantails?
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Could you halve them and make tinier ones?
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