Follow-up question on Windows weirdness
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Previously on me being bad at tech, I thought my files were all gone. They're not, and people were I think right about why, but I'm not sure what to do next. (Before the details: restarting/logging out didn't work.)

I do think I'm on some kind of temporary profile because files I save on the desktop aren't there when I restart and browsers don't remember any links. I am able to find files and open them by searching, but I'm meanwhile still looking at a mostly blank desktop.

I'm not confident this can be resolved here, if only because I'm not describing things well because my tech vocab is not good. Are there places online where you can pay some fee for Windows tech support by chat? I feel like taking it to a shop is more about hardware, right? I am just frustrated because I feel like I have a probably minor problem here but one I am not equal to. I've googled around on search strings like "temporary profile windows" or more detailed stuff about not seeing my files, and it hasn't helped, so I'm at a dead end on that front...

I did, btw, create an admin account, but I think that was basically a step in resolving the problem. So I think I am mostly asking, yeah, where can I pay a bit for individualized tech support?
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Zoom and other video conference software has a feature called share screen that allows you to let others view what you're seeing on your computer screen. I would try reaching out to any tech savvy relatives/friends to see if anyone could take a look. The benefits of this approach would be that it's free and you would avoid any possible remote tech support scams. If you don't have anyone tech savvy in your network I'm sure someone here would be willing to help for free.
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Ok I actually found chat support for windows and they talked me through stuff I would never ever have found (rename some file, taking ".bak" off the end of the name, in some folder in a folder in a folder in a folder) and it looks like all is well.
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less of course it is!
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