Online Scrapbook/Guest book or something like that
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Ideally, multiple pages for multiple users to post videos, photos and text messages to send to another person as a virtual get well soon card.

A member of my sports team has cancer. Normally when a team member has a serious injury, we buy a card and we all sign it. With Covid, we haven't been in training since March and signing a physical card is logistically difficult so I had the idea that we could all "sign" a virtual card, and to make it extra special, it would be great if we could all contribute our favorite photos, memories and ideally some videos to send to our friend while we can't meet her in person.

The ideal would be for each member to have their own login and be able to set up their page or pages however they like and when its all done, then I'll send it to the recipient. But realistically that's probably not something that exists so if needs be, they can send it all to me and I'll put it together.

It has to be private, I only want the recipient to be able to view the pictures and videos. Free would be great but not essential, so long as its not too expensive.
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My office is using for such actions, but I haven't explored it enough to determine if it can be made private from everyone but the recipient. It has free and low-cost options.
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Thanks for asking this question, missmagenta. I'm sorry to hear about your teammate.

suelac, kudoboard looks really neat. Thank you!
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Last time I participated in one of these, they used Google Sheets (which is basically Powerpoint). Everybody added their own slide or slides, which could include images and whatever else, and sharing permissions were restricted to people who had the link only. That may not be enough security, but I thought I'd pass it on since it was so simple to set up, add to, and share.
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My office has used, which is $4.99 per card if you're not doing a bulk order. It lets each contributor embed images or leave a note in one of many "handwriting" fonts. You can only view the card if you know the link to it, so it's private in that sense. However, like a physical card, contributors can see what the people who signed before them wrote.
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My office has used Kudoboard, but anyone with the link can see what's there (so the other contributors can see what each other write), and the free version maxes out at 10 contributions. It's worked well for us, very similar to sending a card around in terms of experience. Sorry to hear about your teammate, nice of you to think of finding a way to send some virtual good thoughts
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