It all started watching PBS late one night when I was seven.
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I would like to have a suspension(Warning: talks about some things that are probably NSFW) done in the Bay Area.

Does anybody know where I can have one done?
Are there any tattoo and peircing places that just do these,
or do I have to wait until a suspension group comes around?
Any place in the bay area that bart covers would be fine, but I am willing to travel a little bit further. I would most prefer a suicide suspension, but I am willing to consider others. I have wanted to do this for a long time, and I am willing to wait longer if I have to.
Any thoughts if you've already had a suspension done would be welcome as well.
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If you don't get an answer here, you could try calling the people at Body Manipulations on 16th st here in San Francisco.
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Why is this tagged with suicide?
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Zerolives: probably because the most common beginner suspension is called a "suicide suspension". It's called that because you hang from hooks in your back in a position remeniscent of someone who has been hung by the neck.
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Suicide suspension is a type of suspension. Looks like the OP forgot to combine the two-word phrase into one word.
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Response by poster: Because I would like to do a suicide suspension. Maybe that wasn't completely appropriate.
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One thought: sterilisation. No re-used needles. Blood-borne diseases. Infections.

Not saying don't do it, just saying, do it right. And have health insurance in case something goes wrong.

(And frankly, the crucifixion suspension sounds cooler.)
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Yeah, tags work only when words are combined. You've got "bay" and "area" tagged separately, for instance, when what you wanted was "bayarea" to link your question to San Francisco.

/derail. Good luck.
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may I ask why?

(genuine non-snarky question)
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A good friend is part of TSD (Traumatic Stress Discipline), he's been into the suspension scene for almost a decade now. i never really understood it till i went to one of their shows and saw how much fun they were having.

i still haven't tried it, but i no longer look at him like he's crazy.

Also, if you aren't familar with the page, this might provide you with some helpful links:
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Response by poster: First off, thank you vacapinta, I will give them a call soon.
I seem to have messed up using tags. I always search for single words and never find what I want, I guess I should have taken that as a hint that I've been doing it wrong.

Ortho, safe practices is one of the reasons I asked here. It's seems simple enough that I could do it in my backyard, but there are many risks involved that I think would be better handled by a professional, and especially someone recommended. As I know no one that has ever had something like this done, I decided to ask here (also I read askmefi everyday so I thought I might as well ask something once in a while).

UnSane, when I was fairly young I was up late one night watching PBS. I saw a show about a performance group that would place hooks in their backs and float around the stage dancing in the air. I immediately recognized this as the coolest thing I had ever seen in my life. I was mesmerized, I loved it. Later on in the show when they were interviewing the performers I was struck by their love of life, and energy. Here I was sitting on my living room floor, and these people were unashamedly doing something that I knew my parents would think was very weird, and they were doing it simply because they loved it. But most of all it simply looked like something that I would like to try when I was old enough to. I had no idea what it was called, until I was fourteen or fifteen and a friend of mine showed me the BME website. I wasn't even looking for suspension in particular, but as I was looking through the site I found them. It was amazing, I had a name for the thing that I had loved so many years ago. At that point I wasn't even sure if what I had watched was real at all. But no, I hadn't made it up, and here were pictures of all kinds of people doing these things. I was once again completely enamored and proceeded to read as much as I possibly could about them. For a year or two I thought about it daily. My sixteenth birthday present from my best friend was a hand made stuffed animal with little loops in it, and hooks to hang it from (it's in a superman suspension right now and attached to me ceiling). I only stopped obsessing over suspensions when I talked to the owner of the only piercing parlor in town that I feel is a clean and respectable place and learned that they rarely do suspensions, and generally only for friends. I also learned that I would have to be eighteen, which was a year and a half away at that point. But now I am eighteen, and think that it's time to start searching for someplace that I can fulfill this desire of mine.

So in short, I want to have a suspension done because it is something that I have longed for almost my entire life.
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btw, ortho and Jack, I would bet that most health insurance plans wouldn't cover a suspension gone wrong, so maybe take that into consideration.
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Response by poster: Sorry if some of that is non-comprehensible. I am in a hurry to leave, and will be gone for the weekend. Thanks to everyone that has responded so far.
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You just missed a chance to get it from a master. That would be Fakir Musafar, in the Bay Area.
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Mod note: fixed the tag stuff
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There are a number of suspension groups that could make this happen for you. I too have friends in TSD, as well as CoRE (Constructs of Ritual Evolution) and Rites of Passage. None of them are directly in your area, but CoRE has members in southern California.

I would suggest contacting one of the suspension groups listed on and asking them about what you want to do. If you like, I can put you directly in touch with a couple of people. My e-mail address is in my profile - please put suspension in the subject so I know it's not spam.
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Since you know about BME why not post the question on the QOD or search there for a similar question?
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