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It's the holiday shopping season and I am in search of a pair of women's boots. In this case, looking for boots for professional wear rather than hiking/heavy weather. What are your recommendations for good women's boot brands/places to buy women's boots?

Ideally, these boots should be:
- comfortable
- durable (in contrast, Blondo boots fell apart within the first six months)
- ankle-height
- black or brown
- low or no heel
- rounded or square toe (as opposed to pointed)
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Really depends on your personal style if they're professional or women's enough for you, but they will have to pry my doc marten chelsea boots off of my corpse. Comfortable, durable, ankle-height, black, chonky sole, rounded toe.
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I just bought a pair of Blundstones, which are cute (to my eyes), comfortable, and seem to be very well made. I believe they meet your criteria. It's a 150 year old Australian company.
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I really like my Rockport Cobb Hill boots. They are comfortable, sturdy, and I think they look good. They have a lot of different styles.
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I’ve had my Softwalk Rocklin ankle boots resoled and the leather is holding up great—would recommend for a sleeker look.

+1 for Blundstones but they might be a little more chunky and casual than what you’re looking for (not sure what style you want...) I just got a pair (oxblood Chelsea boots) this year and love them, plus have gotten many compliments.

I have a couple pairs of Uggs that are super comfy and have held up great for years—styles that don’t look like “classic Uggs”. One pair is tall pull-on snow boots, the other is chunky Chelsea boots.

And +1 for Birkenstocks, too, but I’d size up from your usual sandal size. I think the closed toe shoes run a bit small in general. I have the Laramie oxfords that I see are now a boot as well, and didn’t size up, and if I wear them all day they tend to make my feet tingle. (I should probably get rid of them, come to think of it...)
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I will recommend Redwings with my dying breath. :) I’ve worn my pair almost every day for a year and a half now and they only get more beautifully worn in. Nowhere close to wearing out. I have women’s black iron ranger boots and the huge advantage of these is that they are completely waterproof (like foot submerged in puddle will stay dry waterproof) when oiled and polished regularly so I didn’t have to worry about taking a change of shoes when walking into work from the bus in a downpour. I’ve worn mine hiking in the mountains, nearly every day to a business casual job, as well as to a wedding with a dress and tights. They are definitely pricey, but so worth it.
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I bought some Naot ankle boots which meet your criteria, and are very comfortable. The inter web tells me the style may be the Aura, but they have lots of styles.
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I made an account today after longtime lurking to recommend this brand in another AskMe, but Thursday Boot Co. is fabulous and can hit each of your factors.
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Just popping in to say thank you to everyone who answered!
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I love Duo Boots.
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