What is best upgrade for a powerbook G4?
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I would like to upgrade my old 15" G4 powerbook laptop 400 Mhz. I would like to get more speed out of it. I have maxxed the ram out and installed a faster access HDD. What else can I do? Motherboard? Recommendations?
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it might be possible to overclock the cpu on this model to 500Mhz, but that's about it. i had success overclocking the system bus of my 1st-gen white iBook G3, which really improved things, but i doubt that trick would work on this machine.

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Put on eBay and buy a faster one of your choice. Seriously.
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there were CPU upgrades - on that vintage machine, you'd end up with a 500MHz processor. (there's a 1.2GHz one Sonnet makes but you have to have the last-model TiBook to get it.) you may be able to do a motherboard swap, but any of the interesting ones would have a DVI port on them so you'd have to change out the case too (which means you'd have a newer laptop with an old screen and all that). so... yeah, sell it and buy something faster.
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yeah actually i agree with the above as well, its much easier to just sell it and get a new one, unless you are insane like me and enjoy tearing computers apart.
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What else can I do?

Run OS 9.
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What else can you do? Be happy with the machine you've got. My old G4 tower runs at 450 Mhz and is humming along with the latest version of OS X at my parents house. Though it was starting to show signs of age, it's still capable of running all the applications I need to run - Photoshop, Deck (audio editing software), etc.
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