Experiences with Ultrasonic Cavitation for "liposuction"
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The science and empirical studies on this are pretty good. Essentially the ultrasound briefly disrupts liposomes and some of the stored fat is released into the interstitial fluid matrix where it is then swept up and re-used or excreted.

I'm interested in thoughts from anyone who's had this specific procedure series done either in a clinic or with a machine you purchased yourself, particularly if you wanted it to help reduce stubborn areas that do not respond to other methods.

I do not want comments from people who have not had this done.
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Hey, seanmpuckett. If you haven't already, I think posting this question to The RealSelf, Essential Day Spa, and MakeupAlley communities could net first-hand accounts. (Along with the terms you've listed, maybe include ultrasonic lipolysis, ultra cavitation, and the brand names of the clinic and home machines.) Good luck.
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