Have you ever seen art of a human figure made of arrows?
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If you've seen drawings or sculptures of human figures made out of arrows would you please link me to it?

I want to draw something like this and just can't visualize it. (My artistic skill level is potato; that might be why.) I'd love to have some models to base my drawing off of.

Or maybe you know of some cool software tool that can mock up something like this? IDEK, suggestions welcome, but please do keep in mind that I have extremely basic skills. Thank you!
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(In case it matters, I don't think any ethical considerations about copying another artist's drawings apply here, I'm not doing this for commercial gain, just making a little drawing to put in a thank-you note.)
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Not arrows, but the UK's Knife Angel might give you som eideas.
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Do you want to draw it yourself, or do you just need a drawing done? I've had good results going to fiverr.com for simple design requests like this.
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So many questions — a realistic human figure or stylized? 2D or 3D? Hunting arrows, archery arrows, or the arrow symbol?
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- I'd like to draw it myself.

- Stylized or realistic, either would be fine as long as it's recognizably a human figure.

- Arrow like in bow and arrow? I don't know the difference between hunting arrows and archery arrows!

That angel made of knives is great, that's exactly what I'm looking for except I wish the face was also somehow composed of knives - I can't figure out how to place arrows to make anything like a face appear, that's where I'm having the greatest conceptual trouble.
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An effect like a pin art toy (I had no idea what it was called and had to google "science museum gift shop" to get in the general range) might work for a face, although I think it would need to be quite large to be readable with arrow-sized pins.
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I'd perhaps start with a sketch (or a photo) with lots of clearly defined lines and curves, replacing the lines with arrows, like the ones in this image. It'd work as a cartoon drawing, or as a piece of illustration. Also, the direction of the arrows could be used to suggest movement.

Well, there's one way to approach it.
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Not arrows, but "human figure made of sticks" got me this: https://mymodernmet.com/outdoor-sculptures-anna-and-the-willow/ ... Maybe a starting point and you can add fletchings/heads as you draw?
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How about a scene from my favorite book as a kid, Arrow to the Sun?
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Perhaps you could revise this, but with arrowheads?
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Congolese artist Freddy Tsimba makes sculptures from scrap metal, most often casings but also spoons, keys, forks, knives, and scissors. His work might serve as inspiration.
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Amaaaaaaazing! Than you so much!
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You could search around for a nice "connect the dots" picture that you usually give to preschoolers. Connect the dots with arrows. Then connect more dots to each other with arrows that are inside the figure. Hips to knees, knees to ankles, ankles to toes, etc.

Just keep filling up the inside with more arrows.
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One thing about archery-themed art is that the arrows rarely look like actual modern arrows. The tips are always huge, and the fletching is weird. For target archers, arrows look like pointy sticks with three or four little plastic flags on one end. Some people do fletch with feathers, like you'll see in your standard arrow clip art, but the big arrowheads make me think of bowhunters.

I probably think more about this than most people.
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