What other art things can I follow on Instagram?
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I like having a varied and inspiring feed of art stuff. Please help me get more stuff on that feed.

I do drawings, and I follow a lot of watercolor, digital art, coloured pencil, markers, etc.

But I also like other, slightly less related art fields that can nonetheless inspire me with design, form, color, creativity etc.

In addition to drawing, I try to vary up my feed with ceramics, toy modeling, blacksmithing, jewelry making...

Instagram's explore/discover page is a garbage heap of dumb memes that never gives me the kind of content I want no matter how much time I waste clicking the "show me less of this kind of content" button (plus never, ever hearting or saving a meme just in case that helps, which, FYI, it doesn't), so I am left to manually discover cool tags and follow them and then follow accounts from them etc. This means I need to actually think of possible tag choices that would get me what I want. One time I saw some felting post on tumblr and was like, yes! Felting! And then was able to follow felting accounts, but otherwise I wouldn't have thought of that on my own. I don't remember how I stumbled onto chocolate sculpting, but that's another one I'd never have thought of unprompted.

So here's where I turn to you folks and ask, alright, what can I follow to find pretty and creative stuff? What cool art/creative fields have I not thought of yet?

(Feel free to also suggest good tags/aggregation accounts for stuff I've already mentioned in this post, because I'm not necessarily optimized on anything I follow yet as the entire process of building my feed has been stumbling around via trial and error.)
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You can follow me! I'm plotterprints.ca on instagram. I make art with robots.
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Colossal posts a good variety of art, in various mediums.
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Colossal also has a non-instagram blog page.
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#pixelart is pretty good once you block the minecraft meme accounts. @blacktattooing for black and grey tattoo art, @shun.kei for Japanese calligraphy, jelly making insta is pretty fun?
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I like @andreaanimates on Instagram. She creates felted wool scenarios and animates them.
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I like the #visiblemending tag.
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The tag #shebends will find you a lot of women who work in neon.
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Try Tumblr instead. Muuuch much higher artist to 'influencer' ratio.
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Try the tag #satisfying, try the IG account @letters.
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I know you asked for tags, but all I can offer are a few specific accounts I enjoy who make unusual artforms:
gakugakugakugakugaku1 does incredibly intricate fruit carving.
tomhaneyartwork does sculptures, frequently ones that move on their own.
aleia makes dioramas and then photographs them with snails in them.
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Stephen Ellcock is a curator with a great eye and regularly posts stuff on Instagram and Facebook that is very inspiring.
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For awesome masks/body art: @fashion_for_bank_robbers

Awesome small subversive sculptures: @kinacrow

Beautiful earth-centric jewelry: @woodland_shrine

+1 to Colossal for a wide variety of art: @colossal (then follow artists and hashtags you see on Colossal).
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Relatedly, I found some great artists to follow by digging into the site for Portland's Art in the Pearl festival. Almost all artists have an instagram account (but you have to go to their website first, then find the insta link).
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You may have found this related to felting, but other fiber arts hashtags have good content. I follow #weaveweird, #embroidery, and #tapestryweaving on Instagram.
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I follow a lot of paper artists, particularly the ones you find on #paperquilling and #papercutting. In particular, Yulia for the former and emispapercuts for the latter.
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Some printmaking accounts I like:

https://www.instagram.com/biginkprints/ large scale woodblock prints. Big Ink is run by Lyell Castenguay; he makes lovely work in his own right, and has a great business teaching/empowering other people to make big prints.



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Some art & jewelry accounts I like:

Illustration: https://www.instagram.com/frank_ape/

Collage: https://www.instagram.com/hobrochromosphere/

Jewelry: https://www.instagram.com/deborahmeyers_experience/
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Good round-up of various printmaking: https://www.instagram.com/im_printed/

Some specific printmakers that I enjoy:
Samuel Casal
Kari Kristensen
Kat Flint
Alexis Hugo Nutini
Anine Hansen

See Serena Garcia Dalla Venezia for some wonderfully colorful and organic textile art/sculpture.

And everyone should be following Felicia Chiao. Her illustrations perfectly capture the complete spectrum of relaxation-laziness-melancholy-anxiety-depression that is our new quarantine/isolation zeitgeist.
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