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I installed No Script the other day. I uninstalled it today. I need something like it, but easier to use.

I'm currently running uBlock Origin. Some of the recipe blogs I visit have autoplay videos and stupid little hearts floating around that are extremely annoying. I tried No Script. I thought when I used it years ago, it would show you the scripts with some sort of icon and you could click on it to disable it. That's not how it's working now. I could be misremembering. Or maybe I'm missing something in uBlock.

I'm using Chrome on Windows 10 and Chromium on a Raspberry Pi.
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The EFF's Privacy Badger gets a lot of them.
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Firefox has a built in toggle that disallows auto-playing media. That plus uBlock works well for me. (Note: I work at Mozilla).
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Duck Duck Go is install and forget about it.
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uMatrix by the same dev as uBlock is the nuclear option. By default, only first party content will load, which means the vast majority of sites will be broken in some way until you allow 3rd party scripts/XHR/iframes/etc. Not sure if that's easier globally, but it will definitely take care of the annoyances.
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My Noscript works just like that, and has for years. I wonder if it didn't install properly or if updating your browsers and reinstalling might help? There's a little menu in the top right that works how I think you want/remember. It can remember your preferences and eg block annoying videos from a site while letting necessary stuff run. Sure try other stuff too but maybe Noscript can still work.
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If it's autoplaying audio and video you want to stop, open Firefox preferences > Privacy & Security > Permissions > Autoplay.

For blocking JavaScript, open the uBlock Origin dashboard, check "Diable JavaScript" at the bottom of the Settings pane, and allow each site individually when browsing by clicking the uBO icon in Firefox window, removing the red cross over the < / > button then clicking the padlock to permanently save the configuration (or not if it's just a temporary fix).
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I agree that, once you get uMatrix dialed-in, it's great, but can be a hassle getting things running... and sometimes, you can't. What is sounds like you're trying to do is block a few specific elements on a few specific sites, which uBlock Origin can do, when you right click and with that pop-up menu, "Block Element", and you can select the offending item [usually], it will highlight, and, if you selected the correct thing that you don't want to see anymore, then preview/create it, and it will disappear permanently, as part of your own personal blacklist filter. It is a hassle, too, but for simple sites, it will get rid of things, like video-playing containers, for a long time without too much overkill. This is the same feat, doing element picking, but via the main extension menu eyedropper instead of right-clicking.

Sites like Twitter & Facebook make things more complicated by design because ads = $, but you can usually [USUALLY] get this to work.
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I forgot that you might also accomplish this by adding other premade blocklists, like one that specifically blocks "annoyances" included in Easylist, Fanboy's is rolled into Easylist , but there are others that might work well for you, specifically. Easylist or Fanboy's might not deal with your issue, as we don't know what sites you're talking about, and what kinds of things that would need blocking... but it might, and this approach is one that does work, generally.
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