Kneeling chair with adjustable seat and knee pad
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I'm looking for a kneeling office chair with an adjustable seat and kneepad. At the very least an adjustable seat. One would think this would be a very basic feature to add to a kneeling chair, but I cannot find any that satisfy these conditions. Do you have any leads? Or any kneeling chairs you especially like?

Price range is ideally under $200, though I am willing to pay more for The Perfect Chair. I've been getting a lot of pain in my tailbone using my non-adjustable one so I'm hoping adjustment will relieve the issue.
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There are a lot of adjustable kneeling chairs - are you looking for a kind of adjustment you don't see there?

If tailbone pain is the main issue, a softer seat or a tailbone cushion strapped on to the seat might help.
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None of those are actually adjustable in the angle of the seat or kneepad. Just up and down. Believe me, I have gone though many, many of them. If someone knows of one on Amazon that actually has the adjustability I'm looking for I would like to know.
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I added "angle" to the search terms and looked through some (but not all) of the listings on the first page of results. This one claims to have both adjustable seat and knee angles. It's above your price range and doesn't seem easily returnable, though. These claim to have adjustable seat but not knee angles (note that some reviews on that last one say it isn't adjustable, though). This is one that doesn't have an adjustable angle but does have a tailbone cutout in the seat.

Wedge-shaped foam inserts might be another way to customize angles.

From personal experience, the rocking-chair type effectively lets you change the seat angle a little by shifting your weight to tilt forward or back. But yeah, the knee angle is unfortunately locked in.

If you have an ergonomic furniture store in the area, you might try getting in touch with them to ask.
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I do need the adjustable seat angle. I did search a lot on Amazon before posting this question. That's why I was hoping someone could offer personal recommendations.
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I know what you mean, I had to give up on mine for work because it was putting too much pressure on my knees, and I could only adjust the chair height. I only use it now for meditation.

I came across this one on amazon that looks like it has quite a few options (seat height, knee height). It looks like it might have potential.
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