When will .ss domain registration be available?
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I want a .ss domain because the last 2 letters in my last name are "ss" and I think that would be a cool looking personal URL. Things like .com.ss or .net.ss or .org.ss are already available, but all I can find online about .ss is ".SS top-level-domain is closed for now and will be made available at a later stage." Does anyone have any insight on this topic?
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My first thought is that someone thought twice about the historical context of the letters SS, and how the tld would be really popular with certain far right groups.
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Suspecting the far-right links too. A friend owns an ss.tld domain, and some of the offers he gets are all hell no.
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This is one of the cases where historical context overrules your personal desires. I'm sorry, but there is no context in which an .ss domain for personal use is appropriate.
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It might not be anything to do with the nazi-era SS. After all, the .ss domain is the national domain for South Sudan, and they may have perfectly ordinary reasons for wanting their websites categorised in the normal way (commercial, governmental, educational, etc).
The same was true in the UK for a long time; you could register on a second-level domain (e.g. whsmith.co.uk, loughborough.ac.uk) but not at the top-level.
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So we can advance some of the speculation a little...

The Wikipedia page for .ss says:

Before .ss was successfully registered, the country's Undersecretary for Telecommunications had initially been concerned about the ccTLD request's possible rejection due to SS also being an abbreviation for Schutzstaffel, the paramilitary force of Nazi Germany.

So, you know, the country has considered this.

It also says:

Registration of .ss domain names is launching in three phases starting June 1, 2020, with general availability starting September 1, 2020.

This document about launch timelines gives some more detail, but I don’t know enough to know whether anything there suggests when/if it will be possible for anyone to register [something].ss.
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