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Ashkenazi background, Jewish mom, raised totally secular, no bat mitzvah, I live in a country with very few Jews, is there an online, asynchronous, adult Jewish education or conversion class for me?

I have been wanting to take some kind of Jewish adult education class for years now-- even a conversion class if necessary, although my reform rabbi buddies have confirmed that I don't actually need to convert. And now life is online! Maybe the time is now!

Asynchronous would be best because I am working, have babies and am in a hard-for-the-US-time zone (IST, UTC+5:30). Other resources (I know about myjewishlearning) also welcome, but I think a structured program would feel more significant and meaningful.

My goals would be: learn prayers to feel confident hosting holidays / Shabbat dinners, teach my kids stuff.

My goals are not: to attend temple services (not an option where I live), to support the state of Israel financially or otherwise.

Otherwise I am yr typical bookish lefty witchy feminist, if that helps for "fit."
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Not free and leans Orthodox, but AishAcademy does a lot of what you're asking.
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As a supplement to online resources, Jewish Literacy is an excellent introduction. It's 800 pages but split into sections and very short chapters so you don't have to read the whole thing, but instead can choose what you want to focus on: history, Bible, holidays, theology, etc.
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The unorthodox podcast from tablet magazine is a fantastic weekly resource.

It is funny and fun and smart and interesting... they discuss news of the day, interview interesting Jewish and non-Jewish guests and share personal anecdotes.

Although it is called unorthodox, their interview subjects come from all different backgrounds. It’s an excellent way to bring a little Judaism into your life each week. You’ll also hear about shows and movies to watch, books to read, websites to visit, dishes to cook and much much more.
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I don’t know! But I would ask a rabbi, Danya Ruttenberg, on Twitter.

I will ask her for you if you like?
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Two things that seem just like what you're looking for:
Darshan Yeshiva's online conversion classes
reformjudaism.org's Intro to Judaism classes

Two supplemental things that might add to the above:
Chabad's huge quantity of online resources
The witchy-looking, rabbi-written books from the Kohenet Hebrew Priestess Institute
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