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In a few months I'm going to have an MA in Science & Security. So where do I look for a job?

Here's what I'm already doing:

I'm Canadian, so I've applied to anything even remotely relevant through the Public Service Commission website.

I also have US citizenship and would be willing to work in a big city like D.C. or NY. (So while I haven't done any looking in that area, advice is welcome.)

I've looked on sites like Monster, but tech support operators seems to be given the moniker 'analyst' now, so I don't seem to be finding anything relevant. Also, if I put in 'security', it offers me tons of min wage jobs as a security guard - not what I'm looking for.

I've looked at a lot of NGOs like the Crisis Group, they all seem to require a few years of experience, but I can't imagine for the life of me where one gets such experience.

Is there a site out there somewhere where people advertise for junior policy wonks, legislative assistants or related jobs? Will it be possible for me to get a job that takes advantage of my special skills, since there's almost no reason anyone would ever expect to find someone with these skills?

Ottawa and Toronto would be my top choices for places to live, but I'm open to anything for the first 5 years or so.
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Best answer: you could try a site like for policy related stuff. doesn't your program (or the associated college/university) have a career office, though? they normally have a database of entry-level jobs/internships for students.
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Response by poster: availablelight, Thanks for bringing that up; your point about the career office is a good one, but I'm going to school in the UK and working here isn't really an option in the long run. The career office has some connections with international companies in terms of sending people to Europe, but pretty much nothing for North America.
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Best answer: SAIC?

Booz Allen Hamilton?
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Best answer: Try, if you're willing to consider US federal jobs. FWIW, it's a nice ticket elsewhere a few years on, if nothing else.
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Best answer: Tiamat --- I know of a number of groups that are working on the related issue of chemical security, including US PIRG, the Working Group on Community Right to Know, Greenpeace, and OMB Watch. (My contribution is here (search for "Agenda Item 6").)

I believe I know of a job in this area that will be opening up soon. Please contact me via my profile if you want to follow up.
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Response by poster: I know some people think it's silly to mark this much as 'best answer' but since they're all worthy of a job applicaiton it's only fair.
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