My actifry broke. Help me pick a new air fryer.
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I had a first generation actifry. It broke. I want a new air fryer for Christmas. I'm intrigued by the new models that don't have a whole in the middle (and are thus presumably more versatile), but I'm concerned that they don't (Seem to?) stir/move the food as it cooks, like the actifry did. Do they not stir the food? Do the fries get properly crispy if they're not stirred? Taking into account my non-negotiable need for crisy fries, what air fryer should I ask for?

I don't do homefries or potato edges or tater tots or any of that crap. I like crisy fries. It seems like shaking a basket once part way through is no substitute for stirring since there would likely be parts of each fry that would be up against another fry bother before and after shake, right?

The thing I like about the newer basket options is that you can make food that it WOULD NOT be good to move around (e.g. faux fried chicken where the coating would rub off if the food were being stirred).
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Not an air fryer user, but you led me down the rabbit hole. seems like the DeLonghi MultiFry is up your street, and if you search for 'stirring air fryers' it will find you ones that can, optionally, stir, but also can cook stationary things.
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Insta Omni Plus. Does not stir, but guaranteed crispy fries. You can also get the omni which is smaller, if you dont need a huge honking appliance taking up countertop space.
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I just earned a zillion brownie points and a whole new appreciation for things frozen that ought to be deep-fried but we used to oven cook that used to be just...meh... but are now OMG more please.

And it's a fib - there's no frying at all, its really a super efficient and fast oven. For example, 20 mins for oven to heat up, 20 mins cooking becomes 12 minutes from start to nom nom nom.

Kids are cooking home made things for breakfast, it's that good.

I got this one, big size, excellent reviews all round, just right. It is noisy - the fan noise that is - but it's absolutely tolerable for the deliciousness it produces. Cannot recommend enough.
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