Can you help me find some fun, silky, mule-style house slippers?
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These Versace house slippers are speaking to me... but not for $150. Can you help me scratch this (kinda wild) new itch at a more reasonable price?

I've been able to find some silky/satiny "fancy" house slippers online but they all seem to either have heels or a huge fluffy pom-pom -- or they're not slip-on/slide/mule style, with a fully covered toe. I dig the vibrant (and frankly over-the-top!) Versace pattern but a solid color would probably do, especially if it's bright. Another fabric would be fine too (velvet or cotton or whatever) but I really don't want any shearling. I'd pay up to $100 if they're AWESOME but am hoping there's something out there at more like $50 (or less).

(Oh, and the Versace ones are officially men's but I'm betting that most of the options like this will be women's. Either is fine if they'll fit my US women's size 8.5 foot (Euro size 39/40)).

Thank you!!
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Not sure how much this helps, but I think "scuffs" is the term you want for that type of slipper.
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These aren’t quite like the Versace slipper, but they do seem fun, silky, and mule-like, and the price is right. I had more luck with “backless” than with “mule” in case that helps.

(Trying really hard not to add the fur-lined ones to my own cart...)
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on ebay, they are selling chinese knockoffs of those slippers for $45-50
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SO many pretty ones on Etsy

Embroidered silk slippers was a good term on Google
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To redirect -I think that the OP is asking for "slippers" like you'd wear around the house with your pajamas or something. Some results I'm seeing people suggest are more for like "wear outside the house".

You may want to try searching for "Satin Scuff Slippers" - I found a few possible candidates here with that search (as well as some outrageously-priced things, like your original). I think specifying "satin" will up the glam a little without upping the price.
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How about these? (Caveat: found these by googling and know nothing about the seller or product firsthand)
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Ooh or these patterned ones?
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