A monitor that fits?
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I need to find a computer monitor that fits into a fold-up desk — the space is 12” deep, 15” high, and 33” wide. The whole monitor needs to fit inside, including the base.

Difficulty level: available in Canada.

The issue seems to be the height — the monitors I’ve seen are too tall once you account for their total height from the base.
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dell ultrasharp 24" lists a 13.7" height with stand. But that's going to be with the stand lowered as much as possible, which may not be comfortable to use with the bottom of the screen almost touching the stand.

25&27" models in the series creep up just above 15" in height.

If you have an electronics store that has a decent selection of go and measure several. 24" is probably your limit, unless there's an ultrawide that fits the width available. Or you could measure out 2 smaller monitors on width.
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If the height of the stand is the main issue, maybe you could just use a standard VESA wall mount (e.g. this one) to mount the monitor either to the wall or to the back of the desk, depending on the desk's layout?
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On almost all monitors, the base is removable, and the monitor will have threaded holes in the correct pattern to attach to a VESA mount. Depending on your desk, it should be possible to get a mount that would connect to the back or side of the desk instead. Lots of different designs are available, with adjustment, or super slim flush mount, etc. Just check the monitor to make sure it is VESA compatible (almost all are), and get a mount with a compatible hole pattern.
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Yes I was going to suggest mounting it as well if possible. I have a project planned to adapt an antique secretary desk for my main work desk and I plan to mount my monitor to the back of the desk with an adjustable/articulating arm so I can pull it out to a comfortable height and position when the desk is in use.
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Peruse this collection of display specifications to find one where the height without the base will fit the desk. Note that if you're able to store the screen tilted a bit you can probably manage a 27" monitor, like the Eizo EV2795, and as yuwtze already mentions, monitors that have a detachable stand don't need the base they come with.
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There are portable monitors that are basically the size of a tablet. Usually they do power+signal over USB C but some have micro HDMI as well. The linked one for example is 8.9 x 0.3 x 14.2 inches, which seems like it would fit.

Or, per everyone else, use a monitor with VESA mounting holes and don't use a stand but some sort of wall mount.
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