Structured mask with tightly molded nose wire?
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The most comfortable masks I've found are Happy Masks. The one that fogs my glasses the least is one from Etsy with a nose wire. Is there a mask that combines the best features of both?

Here are the key things I want:
structured design that leaves space around my nose and mouth
nose wire that molds closely to my nose and stays in place
lightweight, breathable, non-scratchy material
sized for a much smaller than average face
adjustable ear loops
Happy Masks are perfect except that the nose wire doesn't mold closely to my nose so it doesn't prevent glasses fogging as much as I would like.

The nose wire in the Etsy mask works very well to hold the mask tightly to my nose and prevent fogging but the cotton material feels thick and heavy, gets damp from breathing, and is a bit scratchy, and the design allows it to come too close to my mouth. (It would be a great mask for most people; I'm just fussy and overly sensitive.)

Is there something like Happy Masks but with a better nose wire?
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Best answer: You might try "zippy mask" as a search term on Etsy. They have a similar shape to the Happy Masks but include some boning along the front seam to give more structure and keep the mask away from your mouth. They're called zippy because they originally used zip ties for the boning although other types of boning are also used. I made a bunch of different types of masks in the spring and this style was everybody's favorite.

Here's an example of one that comes in a bunch of sizes and has a removable nose wire, so if you don't like the original nose wire you could take it out and put in a different one. There are lots on Etsy.
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This might be the wrong direction but if you know anyone who sews, I've really liked the Ally face mask by Protohaven and I added a channel at the top to include a nose wire.
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You could try using tape to adhere the Happy Mask to your nose; I’ve done that and it completely prevented any fogging. I used double sided fashion tape, but I think any medical tape would work well (and probably any tape at all, though removal might not be as comfortable).
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This is what I've been using for nose wire in my Etsy masks and I'm really happy with it. I wonder how hard it would be, if you had lengths of wire, to simply insert them into the piping on the edge of the mask you like and reinforce their wire.
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Pricey, but the masks made by SF corsetry shop Dark Garden are amazing ( Makes sense that corset makers know how to make something that fits your body.
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Response by poster: I thought it might be helpful to come back and tell people what mask I found that worked the best after trying a variety of different types. I marked beandip's answer as best because "zippy mask" was a useful search term. But the mask that is my new favorite isn't a zippy mask; it's this Easy Breathe 3D Face Mask from Etsy. It's not quite what I was envisioning, which was something like a Happy Mask but with a better nose wire, but it meets my needs well. It's very lightweight and breathable, the fabric is comfortable, there's space around my nose and mouth, and it does a very good job of preventing fogging. (Not perfect, but I haven't found another mask that works better.) It's not the mask for someone who wants a lot of protective features like a filter or anti-microbial properties, but it passes the candle test and that's enough for me. And wearing it doesn't make me miserable.
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Response by poster: My link above doesn't work anymore. The shop seems to have changed its name, but the Easy Breathe 3D Face Mask is still available under another shop name.
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