Lawyer to review operating agreement for multi-stakeholder cooperative
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I'm looking for a lawyer to draft or review a operating agreement for a US-based multi-stakeholder/"platform" co-op. I have several unusual desires for this that I haven't seen precedent for, and want someone who is willing to have a dialogue about what I want and how to encode it into a contract.

I'm planning on starting a company to develop and operate a website that is cooperatively owned, where both the workers and the users of the website are given some degree of democratic control over the way that the company is operated. From my research, I think that a US-based LLC is the right legal entity for this (although I am open to other options), and I'm looking for a lawyer to either read over a operating agreement that I write up and point out potential legal problems, or to draft an operating agreement from scratch based on my requirements.

I'm OK with locating the LLC anywhere in the United States (I'm a United States citizen currently residing in Taipei), although Delaware or California are the states that it would probably make the most sense to found the LLC in.

I don't want to pay an exorbitant amount for this — I'd be OK with paying several thousand USD, but I would be unhappy going over ~$5,000 or so.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a lawyer or firm that might be interested in taking something like this on? So far I've had Jason Wiener|p.c. recommended to me, with the caveat that they're quite expensive (I haven't reached out for a quote yet).
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You might try the National Lawyers Guild.
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Found via AORTA's clients page.
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