What Could This Be?
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I found this in a coffee can of seashells in the basement of my new house. It's about three inches long, and an inch and a half wide. It has a somewhat rough texture. The house is in Illinois about 7 miles from the Mississippi. Anyone have any ideas? Photo here
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Pyrometric cones
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I may be way off base but what it reminds me of is "cone tests" for ceramic firing using pyrometric cones: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pyrometric_cone
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Yep, porcelain pyrometric cones inserted into a cushion of clay. These melt at a certain temperature in a kiln and signal that the kiln has reached a desired temperature that matures the porcelain that is being fired. No idea why anyone kept them, but they are not shells. Perhaps the former owner was a potter.
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(There's like, vent holes in the side of the kiln you put these by so you can peek at them. If you open the kiln while it's hot to check, everything will crack and break from the rapid temperature change.)
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Yep, just nthing, they're pyrometric cones! I grew up with these all over the place, potter's kid.
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Yep, those are firing cones.
If the shells were oysters, they also could have been used during firing as an organic way to prop up some ceramic pieces.
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....perhaps the beachcomber found it washed up and had the same question (unresolved) so it remained with the shells as a lingering unknown....
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It's amazing what you can learn from MetaFilter. I had no idea those things existed.
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