Slim, small, elegant TV stand?
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Our TV is in front of the only window in the living room. It's too far from the wall to mount on even the longest arm. We have a big black monolith under it now, but with the demise of satellite TV and the VCR, need far less storage. However, we still need someplace to put power strips and a Blu-Ray player. What should I get? Snowflakes!

It is impossible to move the TV due to the conjunction of a shared wall, the window, and the fireplace. I'd like to get a bigger (55") TV but that would block over 50% of the light coming in from the window when we're not using the TV and just emphasize its vacant blackness. Ideally I'd like to open up the area under the TV to lighten things up. We only have a small amount of stuff under the TV now, having removed the DirecTV box, external hard drive, VCR, etc. I think a single drawer-height space narrower than the TV (48"/121cm) would fit everything we need. Since we don't use the Blu-Ray that much, it would be OK to have to open a door. I do want smoked glass or an opaque door or something to hide all the power strips and cabling and crap. (I see all these elegant console tables and want to scream, where are the eight AC adapters supposed to go?!?) If it were just one power cable and one HDMI cable I could see letting it hang down but it's 4 HDMI cables and audio out and a couple I'm probably forgetting. If you have made one of the aforementioned console tables work, I'm all ears on that as well.

I'm willing to spend some money to get the right piece, this one from West Elm isn't bad, but there's too much storage. Thinking something that's more like a single drawer or single skinny cabinet on longer legs. Wouldn't need to be high, the lower the better, actually. Ideal dimensions would be 32-40" wide (48" max), 12-36" high, depth isn't that important, maybe 10" minimum. Available in the US.
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It sounds like maybe all you need is a side table or nightstand? I think a good number of nightstands, at least, tend to come with punch-outs/holes in the back for cables, but if not you can fix it with a hole saw in 90 seconds.
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BDI makes a number of styles of cabinets and stands. They all have cutouts in back for cords and ventilation slats. They're very well made, I have a large console myself. Might still be too much storage for you though.

Another thing you could try would be searching for mounting stands, where there is a mount like you'd see on a wall but which is attached to a central post and has a few shelves under it for your stuff. (This is what I have for my 55" TV, basically, a stand that went with my BDI cabinet, which they no longer make, sadly, and the feet slid under the cabinet body. It's sort of like the best of both worlds for me--the TV's up higher and no holes in my wall.)
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We bought the Lack tv unit from Ikea for similar purpose (tv in front of window) and it’s been perfect. It’s shockingly sturdy for the price.
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If there's the budget for it, Samsung's The Frame TV or the Serif variant, with the Studio Stand, would be the most aesthetic route. There's one single long cable that runs from the tv to the included control box with all the ports, which can then be situated somewhere more discreet.
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What about the Nordiska from Ikea?
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Could you put the electronics somewhere else In the room by switching to a projector with a ceiling-mounted pull-down or motorized screen? It’s solves the ‘bigger’ problem without blotting out the window.
posted by janell at 6:05 PM on November 23, 2020 let’s you search by dimensions and has a number of streamlined and smaller stands.
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A ceiling mounted flip down tv mount might enable you to get a bigger tv.
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I bought this easel type stand and I love it. It is very sturdy and you can tie any cables down a leg.
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For a long time, we had our old tv on a console table with the associated boxes on the shelves, and the cords hidden behind decorative baskets that were sized to the shelves.Our new tv was too wide for the old console shelf, so we have something with open shelves but simply putting some books and baskets on the shelves covers for cords running from what has now become a collection of various playstations. I prefer my tv a hair lower than what we have, and so I did experiment with using a coffee table for this--I liked the height better, but the coffee tables we already own didn't have anywhere for devices and they were too deep (but you can potentially find options that fit your needs).

One thing to look into when you buy your new tv is how the cords connect. Our couple of years old Samsung just runs the power cord and one HDMI cord down to a separate box where you plug the rest of the HDMI cords from devices into on the floor. It really minimizes the visible cord mess that goes up to the tv itself.
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I have this one from West Elm and have been happy with it. It's similar to the one you linked but a couple of inches shorter, 48 inches wide, and 12 inches deep. It's probably still more storage than you are looking for and you probably already saw it when you were on the West Elm site.
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I’m in a similar situation and if it ever comes back into stock where I am, will get a simple Ikea Besta box. It looks like you can buy doors for them.
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The Wayfair search by dimension worked a treat, calgirl! We found one that was just the right size, but with a slotted front panel. Particleboard, but sturdy and well-priced given the nice veneer. The only downside was 11 business day delivery (1 day late), which is really slow unless you pay to upgrade. And of course you have to assemble it yourself, there were a dozen bags of various pegs, screws, slots, and miscellaneous hardware.
There were a number of other fine suggestions that would have worked, thanks, all.
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Oh, and the Frame TV is very attractive but also shockingly expensive to run. It draws 87W in its "low-power" art mode. Assuming it's in a primary living space and on a decent fraction of the day (it does have a motion sensor so it's only on when you're in the room) it uses as much energy annually as an entire 17 cu. ft. fridge.
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