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I need a better DIY haircut tutorial for thin fine hair.

I have thin fine hair that has gotten both thinner and more wavy since I've passed into my cronehood (50s.) But it has been too thin and fine since I was about 35, and I've relied on a combination of products and great haircuts to feel OK since then.
Now, giving myself simple trims since March, I HATE my hair. It is just so thin looking. I use things like mousse, dry shampoo, etc., and don't wash with shampoo more than a couple of times a week. But what I need are the kind of subtle layers that give me some volume.
My Askme challenge: I am overwhelmed by the youtube. I have used youtube to give my (male) partner a simple cut and that was hard enough to find one that let me use just scissors and no clippers.
For me: I need a *proven* DIY tutorial that is as simple as possible. Only scissors, no clippers.
I want to give myself a subtle shag type cut with long layers. My hair salon never used clippers nor anything but scissors.
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I have fine hair and layers make everything so much worse! If you'd consider just giving yourself a trim, here's a decent tutorial with Alexa Chung, who also has very fine hair.
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Best answer: I'm not sure if this look is exactly what you're going for, but I have cut my own hair twice this year using this tutorial and really love the results (I have thin, fine hair too). My hair is just above shoulder length so a lot shorter than the person's hair in the video, which makes cutting the underneath part of the back a bit challenging, but I have managed using two mirrors (or you could ask your partner to trim it for you). Good luck!
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I also have fine, thin hair and used the video mydonkeybenjamin linked above to cut my own hair for the first time ever back in April. It turned out to be the best haircut I've ever had, funnily enough! Very "piecey," in a good way. I'm planning on doing it again next month when I have time and hoping it'll turn out as well the second time.
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I don't know why, but I can't find a link in mydonkeybenjamin's post?
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Hi SandiBeech,
If you click on the "play" icon next to the word "tutorial", the video ought to appear. It's hard to see because I didn't highlight any relevant words when I added the link (I wasn't really sure what I was doing!).
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Ah, I had "YouTube & Vimeo video inline" off in my preferences. Thanks.
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Response by poster: Update: I did a modified version of the video in mydonkeybenjamin's answer and it worked well for me! My hair is much shorter than the person in the video but the technique translated.
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