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In Europe, I got my hands on a couple of comforters of the standard individual size (140x200cm or approx 54"x75"); one is super heavy down, the other a medium weight poly-wool. I've been having a very difficult time finding new covers that aren't absurdly priced in the US. Like 90 $US+ or so. What is a good solution to get some "plain vanilla" cotton covers online?
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Echoing sexyrobot: IKEA .. they have some very nice bed linens at reasonable cost
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Thirding IKEA! They have great cotton, minimalist linens and all of their duvet covers have been comfortable and durable for us.
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H&M has home goods now, duvet covers start at $35.

Target also has them, though they are more, cotton duvet covers are about $60.

Another option is Poshmark- people sell both used and new items, and a quick scan of the listings shows a lot of new duvet covers starting at $12.
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Response by poster: Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, Ikea linens are US size (e. g., twin) The comforters I brought back from Europe are significantly smaller than US Size.

The twin, for example, is 66 x 86 (e. g., as charted at, or about a foot wider and a foot longer.

These euro size aren't super uncommon on the continent. One I have is from Germany, the other from Czechia; I first got hooked on individual comforters like this in Denmark. They don't hang over the side of the mattress, but are more or less the same size as the surface of the matress.
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