Birthday gift for a D&D loving, arty young teenager in Australia
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I live in a different country to my nephews so I send them gift certificates and the like rather than presents. Rather than a generic Amazon etc. I try to support small businesses. Said teenager lives in Brisbane so happy to get a gift certificate for a physical shop or somewhere online that is either based in Australia or doesn't cost a fortune to post there.

Can you think of somewhere I can get a gift certificate from? What I know is that he is in to D&D, likes stuff like cool t-shirts and shoes, is rather arty.
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Dungeon Masters Guild offers gift certificates: the site is all digital D&D content. It would be easy for him to redeem a certificate.
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Hello! Brisbane native here!

For the comics and nerdry end of it, Ace Comics and Games is the gold standard for gaming in Brisbane. While they don't have gift cards on their site, if you do want to buy him credit I know the owner personally and I can't think of a world where they wouldn't be enthusiastic about helping you out.

If you'd rather not email people, Comics Etc is another fine institution that will happily sell you a gift card online without much fuss.

The Vault are a relative newcomer to our gaming scene, but have already developed a solid reputation for community and quality, and do online gift cards.

If you're aiming more for the arty end, Exersley's is a nice fancy art supply chain local to us that any teenager will feel very fancy shopping therein.

Bit left of field, but our two big art galleries (Gallery of Modern Art and the State Gallery) offer a shared membership program that will give him access to travelling exhibits, after hours events and a few other things. Galleries are still open and functioning in Queensland so it's a fairly solid investment, if he's into that level of arty.

As far as paraphernalia like tshirts and whatnot go, Zing! are a chain related to EB Games, so while they lose points for not being local they do have branches all over the city, which will make in person shopping a bit easier for him, if he wants to do that.
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Jilder they are all perfect, and will work for other Brisbane based nephews. I have already previously bought GOMA memberships for the family, so that is an option, and whatever I choose from your list, the others will come in handy for the other Brisbane-based kids.

And so glad to see Eckersley's is still a thing!
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