frozen custard in new england
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I’m having a craving for frozen custard. Like a Ted Drewes or Kopp’s or Culver’s. But I live in New Hampshire, and none of the ice cream places I know of offer custard. I don’t see it in grocery stores either, but I haven’t been to Wegman’s recently. Would they have some? Is there somewhere else I could go? Alternatively, do any midwestern places ship? I looked at a few sites but didn’t see that option.
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Are any of these Abbott's locations near you?
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There are several here in Maine if you ever get up this way. Although I'd guess they're closed for the winter. This is the one I have been to.

I suppose it's possible that Casco actually isn't that far if you live in say North Conway?
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I don't know if it's like what you're looking for or not, but Rita's water Ice? Also not sure if they are where you are, but they're definitely an East coast chain with some year-round locations and I'm pretty sure they sell something called custard.
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If it comes down to it, I thought this recipe produced a convincing version, even with my low-tech ice cream churn.
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It seems like Kopp's ships? I'm partial to Scooters in Chicago and Michael's in Madison, WI, but I'm not seeing shipping for those.
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