Therapist--telehealth or otherwise--recommendations in D.C.?
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I'd like to return to therapy and am running into the same problem of not knowing whom to approach. I've been in therapy before several times, and it's been an okay, not great, experience. That said, I do want to work on/through issues of aging, anxiety and relationships, with a therapist. I'm completely open to telehealth therapy, so at least I'm not limited to the D.C. area. That said, it just means there are a lot more therapists from which to choose. The "rate my doc" sites aren't super useful, and therapists' websites don't usually convey much beyond their "philosophy" and payment structure. So, I'd appreciate any recommendations for a great therapist I can see during and after this pandemic. My temp mailbox for any replies that can't go on the green is Thank you.
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I am not an expert in this, but my therapist said she wouldn’t be able to treat me if I left the area even though it’s all tele-health. I hope someone has more solid info on how licensing and physical distancing work, but that’s what mine told me.
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I am no longer seeing this person (I moved out of DC) so I feel comfortable publicly recommending Jonathan Kirkendall. He may seem a little goofy from his website, and that's not wrong, but I found him to be a very warm presence who also, precisely because he was a little more New Agey/less skeptical than me, offered a safe environment for letting my guard down.
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Here ...

... is a page for a therapist who helped me a great deal, and who does online sessions. My narrative is that I switched to her from another therapist in her practice. While she definitely had classical psychology insights to help me understand why what had happened/was happening might make me react the way I was, she also was a firm believer in meditation, and when I first saw her, I was willing to try it, but it and some of what she was saying hit me as a little new age-y. It was never overbearing or anything, but where my head was then, that wouldn't have been my preferred approach, and I ended up trying a couple other therapists.

But I noticed that the meditation, when I actually did it, actually was helpful. And I'd noticed that the sort of new age-y things she'd said also seemed self-evidently true. So I went back to her, got better about meditation, even tried a little yoga, which she also believes in (and coaches, I believe) ... and after a few sessions, had the massive breakthrough I'd been hoping for -- like, put the whole thing together, understood it, and immediately improved significantly (with anger, in my case).

Wanted to offer that background in case helpful. Would definitely recommend.
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